Is Invisalign or Braces Better for Football Players

Athletes no matter the age need to be conscious of their teeth! In fact, many athletes wear mouth guards to protect their teeth from injury or other possible trauma. Those that play contact sports should be especially careful and mindful of their teeth. If you are a football player and are in need of orthodontic treatment, it would be beneficial to explore your options whether you are interested in Invisalign or traditional braces.

First, it would be important to take into account the severity of an individual’s orthodontic needs to see if both braces and Invisalign are possible treatment options. Generally, Invisalign style aligners are best suited for individuals that do not have extremely complex conditions. In other words, some toot movements are much too difficult for the Invisalign process and traditional braces would be required. At an initial consultation, an orthodontist will assess the severity of your case and see what options are possible for you.

If Invisalign treatment doesn’t seem to be a good fit for you (after being evaluated by an orthodontist) then traditional braces would be the recommended option! As an active football player with traditional braces, this is doable and many individuals play contact sports with traditional braces. However, you will need to be extra careful! With football, the helmet should help to protect your head from injury and additionally the mouth but accidents can happen. Be sure to check the wires and brackets diligently so that there are not any loose wires poking anywhere or loose brackets. If you feel that something may feel “off” or loose and you have traditional braces be sure to call the orthodontist immediately so that this can be resolved as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, if you are a patient who has a case that is treatable with Invisalign this may be a nice option if you are involved in sports like football. With Invisalign, since they are clear aligners you would not have to worry about any loose brackets or any damage to the braces themselves. Additionally, you would be able to easily wear a mouthguard with the Invisalign. No matter what, consult with your orthodontist to see which treatment option would be best for you as an active football player.

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