My Invisalign Doesn’t Fit – What Should I Do?

Living with Invisalign can make orthodontic treatment much simpler for patients of all ages. They seem to create much less stress as opposed to traditional metal braces because they are removable making eating, brushing, and flossing much easier. Additionally, Invisalign is barely noticeable to others, so you can be confident with your smile while undergoing treatment.

How Invisalign Works:

Initially, the orthodontist will perform an evaluation of the mouth and take many digital scans of the teeth. Next, the scans will be able to create a digitized treatment plan, which maps out the repositioning of the teeth step-by-step over a period of time. Following approval of the treatment plan by both the patient and orthodontist, the Invisalign aligners will be specifically designed to correlate with the step-by-step movements ensuring that the teeth will reposition to the desired location.

Once the Invisalign aligners are created based off of the treatment plan, the patient will be instructed to wear the aligners in weekly increments. Typically, Invisalign users wear aligners ranging anywhere from 20 to 22 hours a day, changing into a new set of aligners one to every two weeks.

Ill-Fitting Aligners:

After switching into a new aligner and you notice that it doesn’t fit properly, it could be for various reasons. For one, its best to remember that the digitized scans created prior to treatment contribute to the physical design of the aligners and while technology usually is so advanced it isn’t always perfect. As a result the aligners may not properly seat on the teeth, resulting in the aligners feeling loose or too tight. If you happen to come across an Invisalign aligner that doesn’t fit, immediately contact the orthodontist. More than likely, an adjustment will need to be made to correct the aligner.

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If you are experiencing an Invisalign aligner that doesn’t fit, please contact Richmond Virginia Orthodontics as soon as possible! Whether a patient of ours or a new patient, we would love to take the opportunity to fix the issue at hand. We want our patients to be able to wear their aligners so that they can achieve the beautiful smiles they’ve always wanted!

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