Why Do My Braces Feel Too Tight?

Braces are a great treatment option in 2020 for correcting different bites (overbites, underbites, etc.), or malocclusions (misaligned teeth) over a given period of time. Treatment time can vary depending on the severity of the case. However, treatment generally lasts anywhere from one year to about three years. No matter the length of treatment, it is expected that you’ll have frequent follow up appointments at the orthodontist for your braces. These appointments are meant to monitor the movement of the teeth, meanwhile performing routine adjustments to your braces.

Braces Adjustments:

During an adjustment, the orthodontist will tighten or bend the wires connected to the brackets on your teeth. This helps to apply adequate pressure on the teeth in order to gradually shift them into the desired position. Since the mouth is so sensitive to change, the tightening of the wires or brackets may also make it feel like the teeth are “tight” themselves. This feeling is a result of the pressure that is associated with the tightening of the wires. Additionally, it isn’t uncommon to experience symptoms of soreness throughout the mouth either as the jaws are also affected.

How to Relieve Tightness or Discomfort:

After an adjustment, it may take a few days for any “tightness” to subside. It can sometimes make eating tougher or more “chewy” foods unpleasant to eat, so it may be best to sticker to softer foods during this time. You can also relieve any pain with an over-the-counter pain reliever like Advil or Ibuprofen. Do be sure to read the labels concerning the appropriate dosage. If you seem to notice that your braces feel tight for more than a week or the discomfort becomes severe, it would be best to contact your orthodontist.

Whether you are in the early stages of your braces or the latter, the “tightness” may vary during your treatment time, the good thing is once you experience it once or twice you’ll become familiar with what techniques help to relieve any discomfort. So, try to stick to a pain relieving routine that works best for you!

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If you are experiencing braces that may seem to be “too tight,” this feeling of discomfort shouldn’t last for long once the teeth have gotten used to the adjustment. If you have questions or may be looking for additional ways to deal with any unpleasant discomfort, please contact the best Richmond, VA orthodontist immediately. Additionally, if you may be experiencing severe discomfort after an adjustment we also recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.

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