Why Do My Braces Feel Too Loose?

Do you feel  “Why Do My Braces Feel Too Loose?”. If you have braces currently, you may have them for correcting your bite, overcrowding, straightening crooked teeth, or for other dental reasons. Whatever the reason may be, braces are intended to gradually move the teeth over time into a desired position. Depending on the case, some patients may wear braces for as little as one year, whereas other may have braces for a longer period of time.


An orthodontist is the dental professional who is responsible for placing braces and monitoring the braces process ensuring that teeth are moving into their correct positions. A way to promote movement of the teeth is by performing routine adjustments on braces. What this entails is a series of follow-up appointments after the braces are placed in which the orthodontist will adjust the wire attached to the brackets by either tightening the wire to apply pressure to the teeth. Depending on the type of movement required the orthodontist might even insert a new wire into the brackets since different types of wires promote different movements. Regardless of what takes place during the adjustment, it can be expected that it may make the braces feel uncomfortable or “tight” for a few days.

Braces feeling loose:

Other times, some patients may claim that their braces feel too “loose.”

An example of when this feeling may occur could be weeks after an adjustment that may have left the teeth feeling extremely tight. After a little while, the teeth and mouth will have readjusted to the pressure accordingly and now the teeth feel “loose” in relation to the tightness beforehand. You should not worry; this means that the braces are doing their job correctly! Since the ultimate goal of the braces is to reposition the teeth, the “loose” feeling is the effect of the loosening of the periodontal ligament so that the teeth can adjust to the desired location. Our good Pensacola orthodontist friend Dr. Clay Sims has reported to us that more and more are concerned with loose braces. Contact us immediately is this is a concern of yours.

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If your braces are feeling “loose” do not worry, as this is a normal feeling when living with braces! However, if they feel loose and you notice a broken bracket or wire this could be of concern. Please contact us immediately if you seem to have a broken bracket or wire.

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