Best Places to Eat in Richmond After Visiting the Orthodontist

Orthodontic appointments can last anywhere from a minimum of 15 minutes to an hour or more. If you aren’t hungry before your appointment, you may very well be afterwards! If you’re local to the Richmond area then you know there are many great places to eat when you are finished visiting with the orthodontist.

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At Richmond Virginia Orthodontics located in Henrico, VA, we are located within a 25 minute drive of the main Richmond area. With Richmond being such a large attraction, we can say that there are many excellent restaurants and dining experiences within close proximity to our office if you are up to eating something after an appointment with us. It really just depends what you (and your teeth) are in the mood for!

Food Options After an Adjustment Appointment…
If you have gotten braces, retainers, or Invisalign adjusted and your teeth feel “tight,” you may be feeling the effects of the pressure being exerted on your teeth. This can cause your teeth and mouth to feel uncomfortable or sore, which can make it difficult to eat foods immediately, even foods that you may usually enjoy. Try to start a soft diet for a few days until the discomfort subsides.

Some foods that are recommended for after an adjustment are as follows:

  • soups
  • eggs
  • yogurt
  • oatmeal
  • smoothies
  • mashed potatoes
  • noodles
  • rice
  • tortillas
  • bananas

With the above soft foods in mind, some great places to eat out would be Panera Bread for some tasty soups, Tropical Smoothie Café for a refreshing smoothie, Noodles and Company for some soft pasta, or The Pit and The Peel for an Acai bowl of choice.

After a Consultation Appointment and you don’t have a food restriction…
If you have just visited Richmond Virginia Orthodontics for a consultation and your teeth aren’t feeling sensitive to chewing, we suggest trying some of the local favorites Richmond, Virginia has to offer! Our Charlotte, NC orthodontist friends at Chad Johnson Orthodontics point out that many patients come in for a consultation and have no restrictions when it comes to eating afterwards. It is not as if they are getting a dental crown or onlay.

  • Millie’s Diner— Serves lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday
  • Secret Sandwich Society— Wonderfully crafted sandwiches
  • Stella’s – Modern Greek fair with small plate options
  • Lulabelle’s Café – Casual American Dining

We highlighted some of our favorite restaurants in Short Pump Town Center on our Invisalign page. They are as follows:

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If you think we may have missed one of your favorite local places to eat, feel free to let us know so that we can add to our list! For more suggestions, we recommend using a search in your maps to find a dining experience that sounds good to you after your appointment with us. We have found that anything rated four stars or higher on Yelp tends to be a phenomenal experience. Download the Yelp app n your iPhone or Android and let all the experienced Yelpers of Richmond tell you where to go after visiting our orthodontics office. We have learned that a Lululemon store is coming to our area soon which our staff is very excited about!

For any other questions or concerns regarding your orthodontic health, please don’t hesitate to contact Richmond Virginia Orthodontics today!

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