Should I Replace My Metal Braces with Invisalign?

Switching to Invisalign really depends on your orthodontic needs

While Invisalign is a great treatment option for some patients, Invisalign really isn’t for everyone and their orthodontic needs. This means if you are patient with metal braces currently and may be considering making the switch to Invisalign, you’ll need to speak with your orthodontists first to see if this may even be possible depending on your case!

Furthermore, if you currently have metal braces now, there is most likely a huge reason as to why. We understand that metal braces may not be the most appealing to our physical appearance, but they’re effective! Many patients need metal braces for the sole reason that they have a much more complex case that Invisalign may not be capable of treating successfully. For example, metal braces are much more effective at treating extreme overcrowding. Additionally, the stainless steel that makes up the brackets is very strong, which provides the orthodontist with control of how to effectively move and shift the teeth to the appropriate position.

Another factor you may not have considered is cost. Many orthodontists differ in their pricing of treatment and may offer certain benefits to their patients, but Invisalign generally tends to be a little pricier when it comes to treatment than metal braces. So if you do have the option of receiving Invisalign treatment, you’ll want to consider this.

If you decide to stay with your metal braces, remind yourself of the benefits:

  1. Braces aren’t forever. Once your treatment is over, you most likely will transition into a retainer and at this time you could think about the options of a clear retainer or Invisalign retainer.
  2. You’ll have a positive result that will make you want to smile! Once your braces are off, you won’t want to stop smiling in the mirror because your teeth with look so beautiful.
  3. Metal braces are generally cheaper, so your budget may thank you for choosing this option.

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