Are Metal Braces Better to Straighten Teeth Than Invisalign?

Metal braces are typically used for more complex orthodontic treatments

Metals Braces vs Invisalign. While it is not the Yankees vs Red Sox, UNC vs Duke or Auburn vs Alabama, it is a “rivalry” question we consistently get asked at Richmond, Virginia Orthodontics. Fortunately, we have the answer for which is better. You can debate the Yankees vs Red Sox, UNC vs Duke and Auburn vs Alabama with your friends and relatives.

When people think of “metal braces,” it may bring about a negative connotation or spark memories of their childhood with braces. However, no matter what memories or thoughts that come about when thinking of “metal braces,” there is no doubt that they’re successful and effective!

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Metal Braces

Metal braces are meant for individuals who may have more complex orthodontic cases such as extreme overcrowding and work by applying pressure on the teeth for a certain amount of time dependent on the orthodontist’s discretion. Brackets (the metal squares) are cemented individually to the teeth and are connected by a wire, which is tightened periodically over time. The wire is what generally drives the movement of the teeth and provides the orthodontist with control over how the teeth should be moved.


In comparison to metal braces, Invisalign is only capable of treating more minor cases of overbites, underbites, crossbites, gap teeth, open bites or crowding. It isn’t as effective at treating more complex cases meaning that metal braces are much better suited for individuals who may have a more difficult orthodontic situation. However, if a patient has a more minor case, Invisalign is very effective at straightening the teeth in a short length of time depending on the treatment plan created by the orthodontist. If you are seeking straighter teeth through Invisalign treatment in Richmond, Virginia, contact RVOrthodontics today.

Which is better?

To determine which treatment type is better for straightening teeth, it really boils down to what condition the teeth are in initially. If after an orthodontic evaluation an experienced and trustworthy orthodontist believes the case may be more complex, braces would be more effective at straightening. On the other hand, if the orthodontist claims the case is much less severe, than Invisalign should be capable of effectively straightening the teeth, as well. Our Garner, NC family dental friends are just one of many dental practices that have offered Invisalign to patients, but remember that most dental practices do not take on difficult or challenging orthodontic cases. If you or your child needs several years of orthodontic treatment, most Richmond, Virginia area dental practices are going to refer the patient to an orthodontist.

Are you considering orthodontic treatment?

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