Invisalign Trays Feel Loose – What Should I Do?

Invisalign trays are an excellent alternative to metal braces. In fact, if you are in Invisalign treatment now you may know that the treatment process is planned out before any of your plastic trays are even made! First, it all starts with the beginning 3D scan made with an intraoral scanner (iTero device) of your mouth.

It is from the original scan that Invisalign creates a digital plan that individually maps out the way that the aligners will intentionally shift the teeth. Which on paper, works great but in reality the teeth don’t always shift as the software intends them to. It is for this reason some aligners may feel too tight or loose. If an aligner feels too tight and fits, it will most likely loosen up over the course of a few days. However, if your aligner feels lose and is able to stay in the mouth, do not be alarmed this can happen! In fact, this may be okay, but would be best if the doctor checks that your tray is seated properly. Simply, call the Invisalign provider and explain this and they will most likely get you in as soon as possible.

If for some reason, your tray is too loose and does not stay in at all, whether your tongue pushes it out or falls from the top teeth, do not panic! Again, this sort of situation can be addressed. Simply, keep these aligners in a safe place but put in your previous week’s trays that way your teeth will be kept in place with the old aligner. Following this, call your Invisalign provider immediately and let them know of the situation and they will judge as to what you should do to progress with your Invisalign treatment. This is not something patients can sue or take legal action against an orthodontist.

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