Should I Feel the Wires on My Braces on My Gums?

Traditional metal braces are a good option for many patients. By undergoing this treatment, many patients can straighten their teeth and achieve optimal oral health. The wires of traditional metal braces are a common concern among patients. They may sometimes cause a bit of discomfort, especially when braces are first applied.

The brackets and wires are important components of traditional metal braces. In fact, without them, you may not be able to get the smile of your dreams. The brackets and wires work by putting pressure on your teeth and moving them into better alignment. Slowly but surely, you can expect your brackets and wires to leave you with a beautiful smile.

Recently, we had a patient ask us “should I feel the wires on my braces on my gums?” The answer to this question is no. When wires poke into your gums and cheeks, they can cause cuts, abrasions, and sores. Unfortunately, this is a very common issue.

These can be very irritating and make it difficult for you to eat and speak. If you find that your wires are poking you, you can use some wax to try to ease the discomfort until you see an orthodontist. You can get the wax at a local drugstore and apply it to the poking wire. You can also try to use tweezers or pliers to resolve the poking wire.

To treat any cuts and sores that you are facing, you can rinse your mouth with salt water. Once you make it to an orthodontist, they will likely replace your broken wire or cut off any long pieces that are poking you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traditional Metal Braces

What foods should avoid with metal braces?
Fortunately, there are only several foods you should avoid while wearing metal braces. By staying away from these foods, you won’t damage your brackets and prevent food particles from getting trapped in them. We encourage you to avoid:

  • Chewy foods like beef jerky
  • Crunchy foods such as popcorn and carrots
  • Stick foods like licorice and caramel candy
  • Foods that are hard to bite into like corn on the cob

Are braces painful?
While you may feel a bit of soreness or discomfort after you get your braces, they don’t generally cause any pain. If you do feel soreness, we encourage you to rinse your mouth with a salt water solution. To create the solution, dissolve a bit of salt in a cup full of lukewarm water and swish it around your mouth for a few minutes. You can also try an over-the-counter pain reliever like Tylenol or ibuprofen. Contact our office if you experience severe pain or pain that persists for more than a few days.

How long will I need to wear braces?
The severity of your issue will dictate how long you’ll need to wear braces. However, most patients wear braces for 12 to 24 months. We’ll discuss your unique situation with you so you can get an idea of how long the treatment will take.

What is the best way to brush my teeth with braces?
Before you brush your teeth with braces, rinse your mouth with water to dislodge any food particles that get stuck between your wires or brackets. Then, begin to brush at the gum line and brush from the top and the bottom as you move towards your brackets. You should also be careful when flossing so you don’t loosen or dislodge your brackets. While it may take some extra time to brush your teeth thoroughly when you first get braces, you’ll find that the process gets easier and quicker over time.

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