Can I Eat Candy with Invisalign In?

Invisalign is the ideal way for teens and adults to straighten teeth. Compared to traditional metal braces, it’s more discreet and comfortable. So if you lead a busy life yet want to achieve the smile of your dreams, Invisalign may be the perfect solution.

With Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about any metal in your mouth. The treatment involves clear, plastic aligners that are virtually invisible to the naked eye. Best of all, you can remove them any time you eat, drink, brush or floss. You can continue to eat your favorite foods and care for your teeth as you normally do.

You’ll get a new set of custom aligners every two weeks or so. As long as you wear your clear aligners for at least 22 hours a day, your teeth will slowly but surely move to their optimal positions. You’ll be left with a beautiful, healthy smile in no time.

If you’re a candy lover, you may be wondering if you can eat your favorite candy with Invisalign aligners in your mouth. While it can be tempting to pop some Skittles, Nerds, Sour Patch, or other candies in your mouth with your aligners still in it, you should avoid doing so. Crestview orthodontist, Dr. Clay Sims, always advises to remove the aligners before eating Starburst or other stick candies.

The candy can stick to your aligners and even alter them. So it is in your best interest to remove your aligners any time you’re craving candy or any other sweet treats. Once you do this a couple of times, it’ll become second nature and you won’t want to eat candy (or any type of food) with the aligners in your mouth. After you eat your candy, brush and floss your teeth and put your aligners back in right away.

Our great friends down in Raleigh, North Carolina are often asked questions related to Invisalign and what you can eat or chew. This continues to be a hot topic heading into 2021.

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