Should I Eat Breakfast or Lunch Before Visiting the Orthodontist?

A common question that many patients have is when is appropriate to eat when you have an orthodontic appointment and a busy schedule. Should I eat before or after the appointment? Frankly, this is a great question to have and can be answered fairly simply!

First off, if you know that you have a long appointment ahead of you at the orthodontist, you should absolutely consider eating. In most cases, any type of dental work shouldn’t be performed on a completely empty stomach in case that the procedure takes longer than intended and you don’t go too hungry. Additionally, in the event you’re prescribed any ibuprofen or other medications, it is best to have something in your stomach prior to taking these medications and prior to your appointment.

What You Can Eat:

Whether you have an appointment that is close to breakfast time or lunchtime, even if you aren’t hungry you should try to eat a light bite of at least a little something. For example, if you have an 8:00 am appointment, but you typically eat breakfast hours later, bring a granola bar with you; try grabbing a smoothie or protein shake on the way prior to the appointment. By just having a little bit in your stomach, you can be assured that you won’t go starving in the chair during your appointment! On the other hand, if you have an appointment that is close to lunch time or you aren’t quite that hungry for lunch yet you can also bring a nutrition bar of some sort with you to your appointment, or consider getting a small smoothie or protein shake just to aid on the safe side!

If you do choose to eat something prior to your orthodontist appointment, we suggest brushing prior to your appointment if you can! If you have braces, this would be especially beneficial so that food doesn’t get caught between brackets or any wires. Of course, if you can’t brush for any reason, don’t worry we would be happy to clear any food particles stuck on your braces or teeth!

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