Can My Daughter Play Sports with a Palate Expander?

Does your daughter have crowded teeth or a crossbite? If so, Dr. Bibona may suggest a palate expander. Essentially, a palate expander is intended to widen a patient’s mouth and prepare them for braces. Once it gets attached to your daughter’s upper molars, it’ll gradually push her upper jaw to expand. Every day, your daughter will be responsible for tightening her expander at home. While she may notice a bit of discomfort initially, it will subside once her mouth gets used to it.

So how will a palate expander affect your daughter’s everyday life? When she first gets one, Dr. Bibona will encourage her to eat yogurt, mashed potatoes, and other soft foods that don’t require a lot of chewing. Once she’s worn the expander for several days, she can eat other foods.

If she plays sports, she can continue to do so with a palate expander. However, she will have to be mindful of her teeth and make sure they are protected at all times. Fortunately, her palate expander will be secured in the upper back molars of her mouth, rather than the front, making damage less likely to occur.

Depending on the intensity of her sport, however, she may want to wear a mouthguard for some additional peace of mind. It can cushion a blow to her face and protect her teeth and mouth from serious damage. Without one, she may still be at some risk for broken teeth or injuries to the lip, face, or jaw. Dr. Bibona can help you find the right mouthguard for your daughter.

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